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It is interesting to note that the military in Singapore does not have a primary mission to defend the country, but rather to conquer it back. Thus, most of the military force of Singapore is located outside Singapore! They seem to think that military is very important. What do they perceive to be a threat?

Its not so much to fight threats than to deter threats. Also its a kill two birds in one stone service: it helps in strengthening racial harmony and character (skills needed in the workforce later), especially when one shares foxholes! Is much of the military really outside the country? A lot of the training, if I recall correctly, is merely conducted offshore, but within Singapore territory, especially on Pulau Ubin, I think. The joint excercises do not really count. -- Natalinasmpf, 22:05, 4 Oct 2004 (SGT)

Propose Change of Tiltle to "Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)"[edit]

The correct term for the Military of Singapore should be Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).


Propose merge to "Ministry of Defence (Singapore) instead[edit]

See organisation structure at MINDEF's website:

Fernvale 04:24, 30 March 2006 (UTC)